Iceberg Enterprises has been a proud sponsor of young Australian athletes over the last few years predominantly in the motorcycle road racing world in an endeavour to find the Casey Stoner. During this time we have had great achievements even getting one of our sponsored riders a ride in the World Superbike support class!

This year we have had some promising young riders join BC Performance (our sponsored alliance team), including Kyle Buckley and our 1st female rider Di Jones. These 2 riders have had great results so far and Kyle is leading the series in his class dominating the rest of the field. Di Jones not be out done is coming 6th in the championship out of a field in the 30’s.

In the Superbike class Ben Burke has had some mixed results in Australia but in our pioneering entrance into road racing in China has dominated so far winning the 1st round.

The sense of joy for Iceberg giving young Australians the chance to follow their dreams is immense.

Should anyone have any sponsorship requests, please feel free to contact us.