Demolition & Make Good

Make Good

Moving into a new space and seeing your vision come together through fit-out is a great feeling. It is often not thought about up-front, but a make-good clause can add significant costs at the time you wish to move on to a new space.
Iceberg thinks ahead when collaborating with our clients on fit-out design. We will work together to create something that is "un-doable" when the time comes without breaking the bank.
If the time has come to move out, we can assist you with remedial repairs and make-good without breaking the budget. Our team is swift and has high attention to detail.

Often the largest part of a job is the demolition. If not done with a plan and the correct level of care taken, irreparable damage can be caused. Iceberg can help with a diligent yet efficient approach to required demolition works whilst maintaining the underlying structure to avoid hidden costs..